My Mission

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From the age of 4 my parents saw,  I had it in me …. DANCING !!! At the age of 13 I was accepted at the Conservatory of Tilburg. I completed this classical dance Academy at the Nel Roos Academy in Amsterdam in 1982.

After that time I worked at various dance companies, mostly abroad, including in Tenerife, Portugal, Madeira and Germany. Already during my studies at the academy I gave classical ballet for children, followed by jazz ballet, aerobics, spinning etc. Meanwhile, I have built up more than 40 years of teaching experience. I have made my profession in to my passion and I still enjoy it.

I share the knowledge I have acquired with you, with the aim of making you aware of the possibilities of body, mind and health.

My mission

  • is to make you aware of the possibilities of body spirit and health;
  • is to give your body the feeling of coming home;
  • is bringing possibility’s
  • is to make you feel better in body and mind with nutrition, exercise, relaxation and balancing your energy.

You have a choice to feel good.