Access Consciousness®

Do you remember the last time in your life that you were completely relaxed?

What would it be like to:

  • to be less affected by your environment?
  • to suffer less from all kinds of ‘ailments’?
  • to feel calmer and more peaceful?
  • better sleep?
  • easier to make choices?
  • to experience more energy?
  • experience more convenience in all areas of your life?
  • to speak to your self-healing ability?
  • easier to make contact with your baby?

What is this unique method?

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During a Bars® session, 32 points are softly touched.  All thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which are limiting, can be discharged, creating space in your head. Your brain is being cleaned from all junk mail. You can compare it with cleaning the computer … …… Control Alt Delete the unnecessary information is parked in the trash there can become more space and you can download again.

If blockages are lifted, energy can start flowing again.

This is your entrance to your consciousness.

You will experience more space in your head, allowing you to make new choices for what you really want in your life, without unnecessary old ballast. The energy is flowing so that stuck energy is released. These points contain the electrical charge of all limiting ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that cause fatigue, stress, and limitations in your life.

How much of your life do you spend giving instead of receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet as you would actually want it to be? You can have everything you want if you are willing to ‘receive’ more and perhaps ‘do less’.

Give yourself a BARS® session and experience the peace and space that this gives. You give your body the space to let his / her self-healing ability to do its work.

In the worst case you feel like you have received a wonderful massage and in the best case your life will change for the better.

Do you want to receive BARS® treatment yourself and experience what it does for you?

Book a treatment now, or you can contact us toknow more about it.

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