Wat doet massage met je?

I am Anita Deijnen. In all the years that I have been massaging, I have had many people under my hands. My passion for giving massages started in the late 1970s, as part of the anatomy lesson at the dance academy. There I learned sports and connective tissue massage. Massaging dance colleagues was a given. Many back, neck, and shoulder massages were given during that time. Years later I learned more in-depth techniques through various courses.

My techniques have been refined and I have learned to massage with more attention. That was many years ago now. I work three-dimensionally, from knowing, feeling, and from my intuition, supported by energy. With all the different techniques I have, so to speak, made my soup that can turn out differently every time. This way, massaging is never boring.

Anyone who books a massage regularly will benefit greatly in the short and longer term. One of the benefits is being more physically and mentally balanced.

If an appointment cannot be made, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. If this is not met, Body Basics Well-being will charge the full amount.

55 minute massage €55
25 minute massage €30

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