The psoas is the muscle of connection which is also called the muscle of the soul.

I was lucky to have multiple courses by Liz Koch. Liz touched my heart during the first course.  All musical notes can now finally sound with wailing from the past. The past swirling to the surface. The past that was deeply buried. The past that I thought had already been processed. Like an implosion of emotion that was stored for 40 years as an explosion came out, born to be shared and healed.

The enormous experience of Liz, her own journey, and her authenticity, has given me the journey to knowledge and insight  Discovering, unraveling, and developing my inner self has become a continuous process.

From sporty movement to conscious movement to the origin of movement to the being of movement. It has given me valuable and tangible tools to share and heal. The innate healing capacity of our body is there to be discovered and to deepen in core awareness.

Discover your Psoas as the muscle of connection and muscle of the soul.


In today’s society, the dangers of stress are often ‘chronic’ such as work stress, relationship stress, et cetera, resulting in you feeling unsafe deep inside. The psoas muscle located most centrally in our body will be in the flight or fight response.

The psoas is normally a massive muscle that is about 40 centimeters long. In chronic stress, the psoas can be as much as 10 centimeters shorter. The passive slumped sit is one of the causes of the shortened psoas. A shortened psoas gives a disfunction of the whole body. Your hips are locked.


It is necessary to unlock the psoas.

Some complaints of a specific psoas can be; low back pain, SI joints, sciatica, scoliosis, menstrual complaints, infertility, and digestive problems. It is all too often when you go to a doctor with these complaints, the psoas is ignored. When no cause of the complaint is found, it is called idiopathic.

On my path of discovering and unlocking the psoas, I would like to join you on that path
Warm regards Anita

love opens your world, the result is you can admit joy, energy, and happiness, fear closes you off…… Loving energy, fear to close the energy
Bruce Lipton



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