Dynamic Puls massage

Dynamic pulse massage is a soft, simple treatment method with an intense depth effect. The sustained, rocking, stretching, and rolling movements bring you to an even deeper level of relaxation. It touches all your muscles, joints, and cells, from the outside and inside, from head to toe, and therefore has a calming effect on the nervous system.
The number of pulses is approximately equal to the fetal heart rate, 120-160 times per minute. This returns your body to its own primal rhythm, which is connected to the unconscious memory of its origin in the water of the nurturing, safe womb.
You can compare the effect of the pulses on the body to what you see when you throw a stone into the water.
Circles of wavy water are created around the stone that can reach the shore. Your body consists of 70% water. Water conducts energy and tension.

Do you have trouble letting go or relaxing?…… then Dynamic pulse massage is one of the best massage techniques to book.
Pulse is the power of softness.

Afterward, there is room to relax and drink some water.

With Dynamic pulse massage, there is little or no talking and you lie fully clothed on the massage table

55-minute massage €55
25-minute massage €30

Tip: Give your friends and family a gift card.

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