Dynamic massage

In this volatile and stressful society, Dynamic massage helps to release stress and tension in the body. Mental complaints such as burnouts, trauma, and depression are relieved by the pulses. You can compare the effect of the pulses on the body to what you see when you throw a stone into the water. Circles of undulating water form around the stone that can reach the shore. Your body consists of 70% water. Water conducts energy and tensions. The continuous, swaying, stretching, and rolling movements bring you to an increasingly deeper level of relaxation. Do you have trouble letting go or relaxing? … then Dynamic pulse massage is one of the best massage techniques to try. One of the benefits of holistic pulsing is that you get back in touch with your own body.

After the Dynamic massage, there is room to relax and drink some water. With Dynamic massage, you lie clothed on the massage table.

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