My story

In September 2018 I started with the Doula training. I have chosen a course that has a lot to offer. My choice fell for the Doula school: “In Bloei” in Rotterdam. I’m greatfull to my teachers Farola and Marlies en my mentor Malua. They gave me all the ins and outs to become a good trained doula.

Why do I want to work as a Doula?

Being a doula is what my heart tells me. Help and support where necessary. To let mother and partner become a team, before, during and after the delivery. Help at birth to welcome your baby into this world. Your baby will benefit from it for the rest of his or her life. Not the fact that I help but the fact that the baby can be born happy. Letting your baby land in a warm bath. Who doesn’t want that now a day! I call it S T a R Safety, Trust and Responsibility.

If you feel safe, you have confidence and you can take responsibility for your actions. Than you can take control. The most important thing is having confidence in yourself.

I am grateful to my sister because she opened the road to birth guidance. I was allowed to attend with two of her deliveries to support. It felt so natural to support her with this special intimate moment.  I also discovered the peace in myself. My unprecedented side that feels so good. This has stirred up a few things with me.

I did’t do anything with birthcoathing until I gave Pregnancy Pilates and one of the students told me I could be a good Doula. Yet Googling to see what Doula exactly means I discovered I indeed could could be a doula. The flame was again fueled. Busy enough with my studio and running my classes I hade no reason for doula ship until I went for the third time the three-day course of Liz Koch, Stalking the wild Psoas and this time also with Anna Verwaal with From womb to world. I followed the course  in November 2017. With a lot of insight, I new for certain, the training for Doula had already been laid aside for me. It’s the path that I must follow. It feels like a calling.

What is a Doula?

The word ‘doula’, is originally Ancient Greek and means ‘serving woman’ in that language. In Dutch, Doula can best be described as a delivery coach or birth coach. A doula assists a pregnant (and her partner) during pregnancy and during her delivery on both emotional and physical level. You will receive help from a midwife or gynecologist during this period, a Doula will take care of the non-medical field. During the delivery she does not deviate from the side of the pregnant woman and supports where possible.

I am grateful to those who have inspired me

My mother Esperanza Hellburg Padilla who gave birth to me. She was a mother and a inspiration for a lot of people. Her name means HOPE. She was hope.

My father Arnold Deijnen who gave me the values of life. One of them is being honest and to fight for your rights. He knows the law by heart. And….living like a Burgundian.

My sister Mystica Rosa who planted the seeds to become a Doula

The women of my Zwangersschap Pilates group

Liz Koch who gave me the awarness of the Psoas. The awarness to heal.

Anna Verwaal She has completed the puzzles. Gave the missing links…. the answers…. she gave me a lot of insight.

Hans van Son and his partner (my childhood friend) Diana for the foto of their grand daughter.

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