Testimonials Massage

Testimonials Massage

I’ve known you for quite a few years now. As a colleague and as a  friend but now also as my favorite masseuse !!! You’re doing great and you feel exactly what my body needs. Thanks again for the wonderful massage!

Bettine Sarton

Anita, the massage you gave was professional and nice and you use delicious lavender massage oil.

Thanks for the tips you gave for my back.

Marlene van Egmond

It is difficult to say of yourself that you are such a good professional, so I do it. You have known that you are a good Pilates instructor for a long time, but that you can also massage well with the same knowledge of body and muscle is perhaps less known. I have had a massage with you. You understand the art to technically the necessary muscles to tackle and at the same time a relaxed feeling to give. And what I want to say to all doubters: Anita creates a very familiar feeling, all just right. She understands the art of attuning to the other. I got a lot of energy, thank you Anita!

Sophie Vrinten

The dynamic massage was new to me. I experienced it as delicious and very relaxing! The Swedish massage (with oil) that I had added extra made the treatment completely!

Mrs. Rabou

Anita is the only one with whom I STAY back. Dynamic massage is comfortable because you keep your clothes on and it goes much deeper than a ‘normal’ classic oil massage that most people do know. Delicious an hour of total relaxation and letting go of everything for myself. See you soon

Mrs. H.

Total relaxation after massage. Compliments

Mrs. Laarakkers

Anita is a woman who has a lot of knowledge and passion for her profession (Hobby), you are also pleasantly received and treated well. It is highly recommended, and you experience what I mean. I’ll definitely come back here.

Mr. Vermeulen

Thanks to your wonderful massages, I am simply in top form

M. Bruens

I have been with Pilates for a while now and have done a lot of sports in many gym, but have never been supervised and corrected. When I became a member, about 3 years ago, I received a free massage offered by Anita. Now I brought in a new member myself and we were both offered a free massage.What we have enjoyed! The massage room is attractive and Anita knows what she does.She is professional and calm, so you can relax.We know for sure: Anita has golden hands.

Anita, thanks again, Inge and Ricky

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