Detox in 9 days

A new season is the ideal opportunity to cleanse your body. When cleaning, we often think of spring, but also in autumn it is a good time to detox. The advice is to do a detox twice a year: in spring and autumn.

Before the winter starts, it is good to clean your body. In winter, your body wants to keep you warm and your body retains more nutrients and fat for reserve. Your body will then be in a kind of resting state. That’s why it’s good to make sure your body is completely healthy and clean before the cold winter season starts! The detox is like a reset. The detox helps to increase your resistance in the cold months to come. The autumn or winter dip is then less likely.

You will experience

  • energy BOOST
  • A healthier and slimmer body
  • Less sweet requirement
  • more taste

Because of the cleaning … your body can better absorb nutrients.

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The Clean 9 is including a  book with tips and tops    in which you can keep track of your progress.

Start with Clean 9 and experience the changes after a few days:

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With theDETOX you give your body the BOOST it needs.

This cleansing treatment offers you all the necessary means to help you cleanse your body. Stored waste materials are better disposed of …. your body can better absorb nutrients.

The Clean 9 package includes a CLEAN 9 BROCHURE with many tips where you can track your progress.

Look Better Feel Better

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