A new season is the ideal opportunity to cleanse your body with a detox. Every new season is an excellent time to detox. Resting your digestive system for a few days has proven to be an important ritual in many different societies and is at the heart of a balanced lifestyle.

It’s spring and that means spring fever! Itching to go outside again and do all kinds of things. Jitters to give your house a spring cleaning. And not only a tidy house is the best starting point for spring, that certainly also applies to a tidy body and mind! What we no longer need can be cleared away “that coat can be taken off!” 
Body Basics Well-being lends you a helping hand. 
Clean 9 is a balanced cleansing program that will get you on your way in 9 days! It’s a perfect kick-start to a healthier lifestyle!You will experience

  • energy BOOST
  • A healthier and slimmer body
  • Less sweet requirement
  • more taste

Because of the cleaning … your body can better absorb nutrients.

Clean 9 is including a  book with tips and tops in which you can keep track of your progress. Start with Clean 9 and experience the changes after a few days

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With the detox, you give your body the BOOST it needsThis cleansing treatment offers you all the necessary means to help you cleanse your body. Stored waste materials are better disposed of …. your body can better absorb nutrients.

The Clean 9 package includes a CLEAN 9 BROCHURE with many tips where you can track your progress.

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