Aankomende activiteiten

Geen activiteiten.


Following the press conference on January 12, we are unfortunately forced to extend the closure of Body Basics Well-being until at least February 9, 2021.

To ensure that you can still continue to participate in the classes, we come to your home via Zoom. Get involved and keep moving. You can participate in all Zoom classes and especially let your family members participate.

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the dates of the semesters

Semester 1:
07 weeks from Monday 17 August until Friday 02 October
Semester 2: 
10 weeks from Monday 05 October until Friday 1 January
Semester 3:
10 weeks from Monday 04 January until Friday 19 March
Semester 4:
10 weeks from Monday 22 March until Friday 28 May
Semester 5:
09 weeks from Monday 31 May until Friday 30 July

You can enter a semester at any time!



Autumn break         17 October t/m 25 October 2020

Christmas break     19 December 2020 t/m 3 January 2021

Spring break            13 February t/m 21 February 2021

Mai Holid                26 April t/m 30 April

Summer break       02 August t/m 27 August


Information about Zoom live lessons.

If you want to follow Livestream lessons via Zoom on your computer or laptop, it is useful if you have already installed Zoom in advance. You can do that via this link.

Before the meeting starts you will receive the link for the Zoom meeting via WhatsApp. Make sure you have opened WhatsApp on your laptop or computer via Whatsapp Web. 

Live stream Biomechanicales will be given on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. Unfortunately, there is not enough enthusiasm for the other lessons. The lesson lasts 45 minutes. You will receive the link 15 minutes before the start and I will start the meeting a few minutes before 7:00 PM. You will then be admitted to the meeting by me. 

When there are enough registrations, live streaming lessons can also be offered on other evenings. 

Important: Make sure you’ve added Body Basics Well-being to your phone address book to receive mass messages. 

I create different class groups on WhatsApp.



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