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Season 2018-2019

Semester 1:
11 weeks from Monday 13-8 until Friday 02-11
Semester 2: 
10 weeks from Monday 05- 11 until Friday 01-02
Semester 3:
10 weeks from Monday 04-2 until Friday 19-4
Semester 4:
10 weeks from Monday 22-4 until Friday 5-7

You can enter a semester at any time!

Do you want to feel completely relaxed,

create more peace and space in your head and body?

The 32 points on your head are gently touched, causing the bands between the points to flow and the electrical charge (stuck energy) can be released. This allows the tension of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, judgments and positions to be cleared away. You can compare it with the hard disk of your computer. Everything you have stored in years, but what you no longer need is removed.

It is a treatment that makes you relax. You can notice this during or after the treatment.

After a Bars session, people experience more space in their heads, as if they had been cleaned!

Book now and experience! A session of 45 minutes is now for € 35


Autumn holidays:  Monday 15 to Friday 19 October

Christmas holiday: Monday 24 December to Friday 4 January

Carnival holiday: Monday 4 March to Friday 8 March

2nd Easter: Monday 22 April

May holiday: Monday 29 April to Friday 3 May

2nd Pentecost: Monday 10 June

Summer closure: Monday 8 July up to and including Friday 9 August

Last week before holiday


In the last week it is intended that everyone who wants to bring some snacks can do so. What do you like to share … what do you find healthy to share and what do you think is unhealthy and do you still want to share? Everything is allowed!!

Coffee / tea / soft drinks are provided.

The lessons are shorter!

Maandag    1 juli 09:00 uur SNACKles Pilates
Maandag    1 juli 19:15 uur SNACKles Biomechanica
Maandag    1 juli 20:45 uur SNACKles Yin Yoga

Dinsdag      2 juli 19:30 uur SNACKles Biomechanica/ Pilates/ combi (Samengevoegd)

Woensdag  3 juli 09:00 uur SNACKles Pilates
Woensdag  3 juli 19:30 uur SNACKles Pilates
Woensdag  3 juli 21:00 uur SNACKles Yin Yoga

Donderdag  4 juli 09:00 uur SNACKles Pilates/ Biomechanica (samengevoegd)
Donderdag  4 juli 19:10 uur SNACKles Bosu
Donderdag  4 juli 20:00 uur SNACKles Zumba

We hope to end this season with the snack class in great way.

The lessons start again on Monday 12 August

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