Restoring the natural function of the body

A number of illnesses and discomforts that arise during our lives can have a mechanical cause. The way you move or move too little can contribute to osteoporosis, painful joints, and pelvic floor symptoms. There is a way to change that. Biomechanics is a program for healthy and natural exercise, developed by biomechanics and based on body alignment. It is scientifically founded with principles from biology, measurement and physics, and even engineering. You learn to use your body as it is intended. By changing the way you move you can start the healing process.

In a (bio) logical, natural way

The exercises are aimed at restoring the natural function of the body. Your muscles will regain their optimal length, your circulation will improve, damage to your joints will be limited and the whole body will regenerate better. This class is not about how hard and intensively you work. Hard work is not measured by the amount of perspiration. It’s about how well do you work? What intention do you work with? Hard work is not always the solution. Working effectively though.

What kind of exercises can you expect?

We start with standing exercises. Calf muscles are too short because we often walk in heels. even though the heel is only one cm high it influences your posture and shortens the calf muscle. To properly align the body, we start from the feet. Aligning the feet, doing calves stretch we head our way up to the pelvic and shoulders to learn and become aware of body and posture again.

The Psoas is a muscle that responds to tension. A tense psoas can be caused by stress, psychological trauma, or a wrong posture. Pelvis, groin, and back complaints can start to develop as a result. During a diagnosis of these complaints specialists often ignore the tension of that one muscle group: the Psoas.

With the Biomechanics Privat session, we also work to relax the Psoas. We want the Psoas to be juicy again. Do you want to work on restoring your body, functioning better, and experiencing the difference? Experience how it feels to come HOME for your body!

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