Rug- nek- schoudermassage

Back-neck-shoulder massage

Stress is a primal mechanism whereby the body enters a heightened state of preparedness. The heart rate goes up and the muscles are tense, especially the muscles in the shoulders. Ready to go into action, attack or flee.

In itself a beautiful mechanism, but if no physical action follows at all, while the tension remains, this can have unpleasant consequences in the long run. You only have to combine that tension with a little unfavorable posture and it easily leads to symptoms of overload. The muscles start to protest: they become painful and stiff, muscle knots (trigger points) develop

Muscle knots can also cause radiating pain in other places such as pain in the arms and or headache. Fortunately, they can often be massaged away with a specific massage. I use different techniques for the massages, such as trigger point and massage with the forearms.

After this massage, your back, neck and shoulder muscles will feel mutch better

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