Only come to class when you feel healthy. In case of complaints such as a cold, cough, and fever, we would like to ask you to stay at home following the general RIVM guidelines.

Get changed

The dressing room is too small to handle the 1.5-meter distance. Therefore, the dressing room will not be used. Make sure you come to sportswear. 

Public space

The space is too small to store 1.5 meters with several people. Please use a mouth mask during class changes


The toilets in the dressing room and hall can be used. You can use paper towels to dry your hands.

Wash hands or hand sanitizer

In the massage room, the toilet room, and the kitchen there is the possibility to wash hands. In the hall, there is a hand sanitizer to clean the hands. The choice is yours.

1½ meter measure

Unfortunately, we still have to continue to respect the 1½ meter distance. That is for both indoors and outdoors. In the studio, the mats are normally already about 1½ meters apart, the only change is that the 2 rows of mats are now also 1½ meters apart.


You enter the studio one by one and also take into account the 1½ meter measure when entering.

You put your shoes at the counter under the bench. Place any bag or jacket on the bench.

If you have your mat, use your own. At the end of the lesson, used mats and materials are cleaned by everyone. There will be enough cleaning materials in the studio. The spray bottles are cleaned after class and the wipes are replaced!

For Yoga or biomechanics, use an extra towel for over the bolsters and the pillows. If necessary, bring your blanket for the closing at the Yin Yoga.

After each lesson, the room will be ventilated as well as possible by air conditioning (dehumidification) or by opening the doors.

At the end of the lesson, the person closest to the door will be the first to leave the studio.

Lesson duration

The class duration will be 5 minutes shorter to have enough time to clean the mats and leave the studio one by one. After class, there should be room for the teacher to clean. This way there is room for the next group to enter. This way you will not meet on the stairs!


If there are any questions, they will be addressed before class starts.

Even if it is a challenge … even if this situation is something we have not asked for … let’s respect each other’s space. 😊