Afbeeldingsresultaat voor zwangerschaps massage

A pregnancy period is usually a great time, in which you can be proud of your body that is so strong and healthy that a new person can grow into it. There are a lot changes in your body in 9 months. All changes in your body can cause discomfort.

  • pregnancy hormones affect your body
  • the pelvis becomes more mobile
  • increasing weight which also affects your posture
  • more stress on your muscles and joints.
  • calf cramps can be a common discomfort
  • sleep often leaves much to be desired
  • Pelvis and back problems are more common.

Find more relaxation during pregnancy and strengthen the bond with your baby.

During the massage you lie alternately on your side, supporting with cushions. This massage is aimed at relaxation and support of both mother and child. It is a gentle and effective body massage with long strokes that are not only massaged with the hands but also with the forearms.

It is easier to wear a string or a pair of shorts for the massage. Your body is covered with a soft cotton cloth. After the massage you can continue to enjoy.

Everything is aimed at you going home completely relaxed.

Touch the body…calm the mind…heal the spirit

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