Discover the long-kept secret of how yogis relax

– Restorative yoga, “the yoga of being”

– Yoga Nidra, “the sleep of the Yogis”

Because we get a lot of stimulation during the day and are often in “fighting or fleeing” modes, restorative gives you the chance to “be” completely.

Restorative yoga thereby activates the self-healing ability of your body.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient method practiced by the yogis in the Himalayas to relax as deeply as in four hours of sleep in a relatively short time.

Two yoga techniques together form a strong combination to let you relax in these busy and demanding times.

Just recover and recharge, time for yourself.

The lesson consists of three parts:

1) Arriving with movement, stretching and stretching exercises.

2) Restorative Yoga, to recover.

3) Yoga Nidra, to relax deeply.

The principles:

– From the movement we move quietly to the silence, so that you get a nice transition.

– Breathing is used to get energy, to let go, and to calm your brains.

– The quiet exercises helps you to get out of your head and into your body.

– The postures are supported with props and are comfortable and effortless, so you stay can longer in that position.

– Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, your body comes in a deep state of relaxation.

– It gives you creative insights and you can place an intention (Sankalpa) for yourself.

The result:

After the lesson you feel relaxed, refreshed and have more peace and energy.

In the silence of Yoga Nidra, you understand your answers ….

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