This course YIN YOGA & PSOAS RELEASE TEACHING TRAINING offers an innovative view of the basis from which yoga, pilates and other beneficial and body-oriented methods are practiced.A full school year, the inspired teachers Brigitta and Anita take you through their years of experience with the beneficial effects of yin yoga, the dynamics of the connective tissue (fascia), the bio mechanics of the body and psoas tension release techniques.

Anatomical knowledge (biomechanics), knowledge of the energetic doctrine (myofascial meridians) and knowledge of pathology are important in giving every form of yoga. That is why this teacher training is not only suitable for prospective yoga teachers. It is also a valuable addition for experienced yoga teachers and healthcare professionals.

Yin Yoga opleidng


  • – Yin Yoga basic postures.
  • – Yin Yoga and connective tissue dynamics.
  • – Yin Yang principle, the five elements and their share in Yin Yoga.
  • – 12 meridians and 3 dantians.
  • – Tao and the trinity of head, heart and belly.
  • – Psoas Release exercises for the discharge of deep (chronic) muscle tension and daily stress.
  • – Building and elaborating Yin Yoga practice series according to the TAO YIN exercise theory.
  • – Building and elaborating psoas release exercise series according to the BCAT-Method.
  • – Functional anatomy and the three movement systems.
  • – Work with muscle chains and myofascial meridians according to the BCAT-Method.
  • – ROLL-Method an in-depth combination of STRETCH-ROLL-RELEASE-RESET-RELAX-RENEW
  • – Of course we experience and feel a lot!
  • – Monthly homework assistance between the lesson blocks.

ALIGN YOUR BODY IN BALANCE Biomechanics can not be learned from a book, which you have to research and experience together with your fellow students. Together you learn how movements take place in feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and all other joints.



In this way, the uniqueness of each body is emphasized, thus avoiding unnecessary pain, muscle tension, injuries and incorrect conclusions and / or behaviors. As a Yin Yoga and Psoas release teacher, you will gain confidence in discovering the boundaries of movement in yourself and in your fellow students. Slowly, with a lot of repetition, the foundations of Yin Yoga and Psoas release become increasingly clear, visible and tangible from (inner) wisdom and (self) compassion.

Yin Yoga opleiding

All this worked out in a unique MODULE I with supportive guidance for your own Yin Yoga and Psoas release practice. In between the practical days you will be personally guided, motivated and inspired to integrate a Yin Yoga & Psoas release lesson in your personal yoga practice in a responsible, playful and inspiring way while following the course. BRI CHI ANI TAO – YIN YANG FASCIA FLOW – ALIGN YOUR BODY IN BALANCE A new translation of elementary philosophy from the East, brought together in a contemporary YIN YOGA & PSOAS RELEASE TEACHER TRAINING especially for Western people. The theory and practice is inspired by Chinese Natural Philosophy (Taoism), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Kao Yin, Biomechanics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro Associative Coaching, Neuro Emotional Integration (Kinesiology) Epigenetics (DNA) and quantum theory (Qi). -field).


Data 2018:  September 9, October 7, November 4, December 2

Data 2019:  January 6, February 10 , March 3,  April 7, May 5, June 2

Time: 9.30-17.00 uur Location: Body-Basics Well-being, Brussellaan 7-01, 5628 TA Eindhoven

Tarief: Regulare  price € 1450,-*

The prices do not include the extensive lesson folder a € 45, – * you register for the entire program, in case of cancellation on your part no money will be returned, there is a payment obligation for the entire invoice.

STUDY TAX Note! It is a tough study and requires creative thinking and working level of the student. You practice at least 60 minutes per day. You will be inspired to shape this according to your own insight, background and learning goal. Every month you send a short e-mail of your experiences.


“De ‘issues are in the tissues!”uitlijning-voeten

“The biggest burden is carrying our feet, who ever forgets will pay for it!”

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