Pilates in Eindhoven

Pilates in Eindhoven is a unique and accessible form for everyone. A lesson in which you consciously and, above all, concentrate on improving your posture and strengthening your Powerhouse.

With the powerhouse we mean the muscles that ensure the body is in proper balance and also the muscles that support the spine. You improve your natural corset.

Pilates consists of a series of fluid exercises that are performed on the mat. In the Pilates class we regularly work with materials such as Pilates circles, coach balls, dynabands, corebands and halfdomes. All this to improve your POWERHOUSE

The training at Pilates in Eindhoven Body Basics Well-being is aimed at strengthening weak muscles and stretching muscles that are too short. Concentration, precision, breathing, control and fluid movements are the basic principles of Pilates training.          core

  • Better concentration and body posture
  • Strengthening pelvis and spine
  • Increased flexibility
  • Flatter belly
  • Better breathing and body control
  • More confidence and self-esteem

Physiotherapists increasingly advise  patients with neck and back complaints to do Pilates. With Pilates you also work on the deeper core muscles. You can reduce and prevent back complaints and neck complaints.

Ready to start? Come to  Pilates in Eindhoven at Body Basics Well-being and sign up for a trial class.

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The studio is located at the Brussellaan 7-01 in Eindhoven. There is enough parking space.

Joseph Pilates:

If your spine is inflexible and stiff at 30…… you’re old.
If your spine is completely flexible at 60…… you’re young.”

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