Bosu is an abbreviation of BOth Sides Utilized. The Bosu balance trainer (bosuball) can be used both with the flat side up and with the flat side down. The balance trainer has its origins in the medical world.

Bosu training is a functional, muscle-strengthening and conditional balance training with a high fun content.

Several benefits are:

  • Development of better balance and coordination
  • Reinforcement core
  • Strengthening legs
  • Improving responsiveness
  • Increase stability
  • Improving condition
  • Injury prevention
  • Revitalizing

What does Bosu training do?

When jumping you have a vertical acceleration and deceleration. Together with gravity, this has a positive effect on the cells in your body. Strengthening the cells helps to prevent degradation due to illness or old age.

Jumping promotes:

  • Better attitude
  • Better muscle strength
  • Better sense of timing (responsiveness)
  • Better balance
  • Better energy levels

The Bosu lessons will be given alternately by teacher Monique and teacher Anita. The even weeks are taught by Anita. Monique gives the Bosules in the odd weeks.

Monique takes on the active part of the lesson. BOSU ACTIVE. Anita’s lesson is the first part of the Psoas release lesson, stretching and balance exercises. BOSU RELEASE. The last 20 minutes of thius class will be active.

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