A massage is €55
Half an hour  €30
Back and nek massage 20 minuten €23

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To pamper yourself after the holidays, we would like to make you an offer. In the month of September  head, hands, and feet massage for €40

FEET – Foot massage – Give yourself and your feet this massage that lets you sink into delay and relaxation. Foot massage is a gift for your loyal subjects.

With relaxed feet, you feel peace in your head. Experience how relaxing a foot massage is.

HANDS – Hand massage – You use your hands a lot and your fingers are often bent. Bent on the keyboard, telephone, steering wheel of your bicycle or car, etc. It is good to experience the relaxation of a hand massage and to give your fingers a good stretch. When your wrist and hand joints are loosened, it has an immediate effect on your neck and shoulders. The tension on the neck and shoulders is reduced.

HEAD- Head massage- Let go of all thoughts and feel the relaxation and well-being of a head massage. Your hair and scalp will also be treated.

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