Never give in when you believe in something that you can do to help a friend in LIFE! 

Maurice is the partner of my niece Chantal and is 54 years. Unfortunately, he is at the end of his life. He will not reach 55 anymore. Now Maurice has a dream wish and that is going to to Curaçao for the last time in his life. He has lived on Curaçao several years when he was stationed there with the a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. How beautiful it would be if he could still pick up these memories and take Curaçao on his retina forever in the hereafter. They have experienced a lot of bad luck in recent years. Chantal is reasonably well recovered from a stroke after 1.5 years (she was partially paralyzed and could not speak well) and now needs to assist her partner Maurice to the end of his life. Maurice had his own company and had to cease his activities six months ago, with all the financial consequences. Of course it weighs heavily on both of them. He can no longer drive a car and has become completely dependent on others.  I wish Maurice and Chantal the feeling of happiness with his one last last farewell trip to DUSHI Curacao. It is the intention that this trip will take place in APRIL 2019 . They will become grandfather and grandmother for the first time at the end of March and then hope to visit Curaçao in April. The only problem is finance, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! 

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